Carrie Beam Consulting provides data mining and performance measures for businesses in a variety of industries. With solid quantitative support, you can move toward measurable improvements, rest your recommendations on a foundation of solid facts, and investigate "what if" decision outcomes without the expense of implementing them first.

Simply put, we help businesses predict:


which customers will leave
what products will sell
how much a new computer system will cost (or save)
how large a potential market might be
who is likely to buy (and who’s likely to just burn up your free trial), and
which factors will boost sales

We can even tell you what your best customers have in common with each other, but not with everybody else.

And we do it in plain English, on time, and within budget.

Let your data tell its story
Our services have helped clients with marketing, sales training, technology integration, product distribution, civil litigation, and strategic planning.

For a list of companies we've worked with, visit our Clients page. For more specifics on how we help businesses, see our Case Studies page.

If you see yourself in our Case Studies, or have a project you'd like to discuss, please contact us.

  “Carrie was a pleasure to work with. She was willing to do anything within reason to help us.
  “She was patient, explained concepts well, and always figured out what we wanted. And most important, she protected the integrity of our data and results.”
  —Brian Snader,
   Systema Corp.


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