Custom market segmentation

“Where should I spend my first dollar?” 

Agencies always need to know, and we can help them find out.  Carrie Beam Consulting takes basic primary market research data, transforms it into custom clusters and market segments, and then calculates the lifetime value of each cluster.  The result:  you know which cluster is the most important, so you can budget your marketing dollars wisely and focus your campaigns clearly.  These are not “canned” commercially available clusters; these are real-time, custom clusters reflecting your particular customers, your special target audience, and your proprietary marketing strategy.  

“Carrie Beam Consulting provided a level of data analysis and presentation that we simply could not have done in-house.

   “I'm so glad we partnered with them— outsourcing the data analysis allowed me  to focus on what I do best, which is branding.”  

—Lou Sena, SenaReider

Custom survey analysis and data mining

Most folks these days can run a web-based survey on an existing platform.  Perhaps you even run your own in-house survey engine.   The summary statistics are already there.  But what is your survey telling you?  We use sophisticated analytical tools to help you glean the meaning behind the numbers.  We slice your data in a variety of ways, test for statistically significant variations, and create customized secondary variables at your direction.  One client learned of a hidden bump of dissatisfaction within one particular employee group – a bump hidden by the general survey results.  Another client learned of a sudden dip in spending propensity once a customer’s child reached a certain age, allowing marketing to taper off just before the customer’s wallet did.  The result:  crisp survey results, with significant business insights and meaningful management reporting. 


"We came to Carrie with an idea of the type of customer satisfaction data that we would like to gather.  Carrie provided invaluable guidance and collaborated with us to help build a survey and analysis tool that will help us grow to the next level.  

“With this tool, we can address our customers' critical business issues and make changes to our internal organization to ensure we support our customers' changing needs.  Carrie helped us save time and money and proved to be a critical part of the team, and we would absolutely hire her once again."  

  —Robert Rodriguez, CEO and Founder, Cambria Solutions

Custom Predictive Analytics for B2C Direct Marketing

Do you need to know which customer is most likely to respond?  Do your black and white flyers perform better than color postcards in Chicago?  Is it worth paying more for a list of households which own a vehicle?

Your customers may not fit neatly into a canned commercial segment.  We can leverage your past data to create a custom response model which will tell you that for a certain product, men are more valuable prospects than women, and for another product, you’re much better off mailing to suburban families.   We can score your internal mailing list into deciles.  We can arrange data appends for you.  We can do statistically valid A/B testing.  And of course we can help you purchase new lookalike lists which best match your target demographics.   The result:  better targeting, less waste, and higher ROI.evaluate your call center on 98 best practices and recommend improvements.